The Fratello's Story

Fratello's, which means “brothers”, are Marco Caso and Adriano Martino. Adrian and Marco have been cooking all their lives and together for more than 20 years. With unique tastes to be found all over Italy but also expanding menu’s to include hundreds of other delicious treats. Using only the freshest and all natural herbs, spices, vegetables and proteins, Fratello's takes you on a tour of the homeland that inspired it all with each dish and delectable bite.

Began in 1997, our family business has always been focused on staying as organic and true to our own culture as possible. We seek out the best of the ingredients we use, are committed to sustainability and running a “green business”, and providing our patrons with the best culinary experience possible. Always learning and growing as a means of strengthening our establishments, we are often meeting with other Chefs and food service professionals to study the latest in flavor profiles and trends to keep the menu current and exciting.

We’ve always followed the notion of only selling things we would want to eat. We believe it’s that—our authentic approach to food and business that has fueled Fratello's for years throughout the Chicagoland area, with several new openings on the horizon. Customers are treated like one of our own and served like family. Each culinary experience at one of our locations is meant to be as memorable as possible.

Whether the setting is a cafe, a school, a corporate setting, boxed lunches, elegant catered events or anything else you might need, Fratello’s can provide you with the quality, value and service that you deserve and your guests will be talking about as they leave your event.

The ultimate goal? To spread Fratello's mouthwatering message on a much larger scale, and make our cuisine good and always good for you.

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